Aqua Park Race - 10/17

Aqua Park Race - 10/17

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THIS TICKET IS NOT A STANDARD AQUA PARK SESSION.  If you are wanting to purchase a standard 45 minute Aqua Park session for you to play at your leisure, please go "back" on your browser or select "Aqua Park Tickets" in the top left of this description.  Then select a time for your session.

This ticket is good for one entry into our Aqua Park race taking place Saturday, October 17 at 5pm.  Starting at 5pm, participants will be given a few minutes of warm-up time on the Aqua Park (with other competitors as well).  Then participants will be assigned a race order.  Participants will compete in reverse registration order (1st one to purchase a ticket is last one to race).

Please visit our website to see a full list of rules, inclement weather policies, divisions, race course, FAQs, and more.  You agree to these rules and policies upon purchasing this ticket.

For a limited time, use code "2OFF" to get $2 off your entry!

Rules for Participants:
- No swimming underneath/around the obstacles.  If you fall off an obstacle, you must go to the nearest stairs and continue the course.
- No diving, flips, or head first entries.  Enter the water feet first.
- Participants perceived to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be allowed to compete and will forfeit their entry fee.
- All participants must wear a USCGA life vest.
- Aqua Socks, water shoes, or other footwear will not be permitted.

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